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    Gwazachat Academy Kaduna

    The school “GWAZACHAT ACADEMY” was instituted on the 14th September, 2009 by Mr. Noah Mugu with the name. “Dominion International School”. The school was established with the structure of twelve classrooms all together with the office of the head –teacher and a computer laboratory . the school initiated with the population of three (3) pupils and six pioneer staff , namely : MR . NOAH MKG Director , MR. JOEL AUDU manager , MR . AGUSA RAYMOND head –teacher , MRS , RUTH CHRISTOPHER assistance head-teacher , MR . AUDU FIDELIS BURSAR , and YOHANNA the gateman.

    The school had her first PTA general meeting on the 12th December , 2009 in one of the classes where late MR BAWA NDAJANA was appointed as the PTA caretake chairman; in fact it was a notable and a remarkable event in the history of the school . All that was heard from the parent were eulogies and acclamation about effective and efficient teaching or education given to their children and wards.

    The school also had her first speech and prize giving day on the 31st July, 2010 of which the performances of the learners on that day were expunged the negative thought of others about the school; the children enactment yielded immense influence to the whole community. It was the same day that the school hatched the idea of appreciating or motivating staff in the school was motivated with presents by the school management.

    In the year 2011, the name of the school was replaced to De Dominion International School having clashed with another school in the same division and the state. On registration with the corporate affairs commission, it was changed to Gwazachat Academy, Kaduna.

    From the origin, the school begins with only nursery and primary schools. However, in the year 2011 the school management under the leadership of the pioneer administrator, Mr. Raymond A. Agusa, the school was unfolded to secondary school, starting with only JSS one class with additional teachers who can meet the academic needs of the learners under the session. When the populations of the students were intensively increasing, the director sees the need of unfolding the classrooms, by which the present secondary session was set in 2013.

    In the year 2012, Mrs. Victoria MGK Noah was inaugurated in the office of proprietress when the manager was leaving. Mrs. Noah has tremendously done well in the office of the proprietress, through her exertion; the school gains the WACE/NECO centre in the year 2016.

    In the then year 2014, the administration the school under the secondary section was salvaged from Mr. Raymond A. Agusa to Mr. Scott Daniel, when he left in 2015 Mr. Francis took over with the administration of is section until 2016 when the school management see the reason of retrieving the administration of the section from Mr. Francis to Mrs. Margeret Gandu who with the experience has moved or transform to the presence apex. Under her administration, the school has graduated four set now, which some of the graduates where studying in different tertiary institution both within and outside the state.

    The history the school cannot be completed without acknowledging the exertion of the staff who have been working rigidly or decisively to see that the school execute or accomplish her vision and mission. In conclusion no human language can explicitly express the grandeur or majesty and description of the director’s vision and dreams. We do not need to do anything other than to facilitate or support him with prayers or excellent advice believing wholeheartly in his dreams to come through.

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